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Special innovations in our engines

  • Because the motor stays cool, it consumes less energy. Your boat therefore has a greater range: you can go further on one battery charge than with other electric motors.
  • The engine has an aqua-dynamic design. As a result, your boat moves like a fish in water: the dynamic design allows you to move faster with less energy consumption.

What does that mean in practice? That with proper use you can sail for 4 to 8 hours (depending on the choice of your battery pack). If you are also efficient with the operation of the engine, you can increase that range considerably!

Productportfolio outboard motoren.

2.0 kW Bobtail 48vdc

3.5 kW Bobtail 48vdc

5.0 kW longtail 48vdc

7.5 kW longtail 48vdc