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E-Mobility - Outboard, inboard en POD motors

Technical specifications Generators

  • Meets the extensive requirements of modern drive motor technology
  • Complies with the regulations for rotary, electric motor machines according
  • to VDE 0530
  • Fully laminated
  • Stator housings produced from aluminum profiles
  • Ribbed housing provides good heat dissipation
  • Produced in various frame sizes and designs
  • Equipped with an auxiliary pole winding and compensating winding in a 4-
  • pole design
  • Available in size: 56, 71, 80, 90, 100, 112, 132 and 160
  • 2-pole design available in sizes 71 and 90
Without carbon brush

  • high efficiency due to no copper losses in the stator
  • stator is fitted with permanent magnets
  • rotor is provided with copper wire
  • performance comparable to shunt DC motors
  • constant speed with varying load

With carbon brush 


  • widely applicable
  • stator and rotor with copper wire
  • “wound field motor”
  • (DC motor)
  • variety of electrical circuits
  • choice between shunt circuit, series circuit or compound circuit
  • possibility to switch on the motor completely in one go, even at high voltages