Energy efficient through innovation

Compact design and sustainable

Effective, economical and environtment friendly

Flexible tubular motor for each enclosure

Productspecifications inboard motors


Revolutions per minute(rpm)

Power range




1.500 RPM

5,0 kW (6,8 pk)
7,5 kW (10,2 pk)

48 VDC


1.500 RPM

10,0 kW (13,6 pk)


48 VDC

Our innovative engines

      Creusen electric motors are energy efficient. Even compared with other electric motors, we are more economical.

This is made possible through a number of distinctive innovations:

      • Our motor consumes less energy by keeping a lower temperature. Therefore, your boat has a greater range: you can cruise longer without a battery recharge, compared to other electric motors.
      • The motor has an aqua-dynamic design which allows your boat to move like a fish in the water. The dynamic design takes you forward faster with a lower energy consumption.

What does this mean on the water? It means you can sail for a good 4 to 8 hours (depending on the battery). If you operate the engine efficiently, the running time can be extended even further.