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Electric technology that allows you to sail still

MetsTrade 2018

Visit Creusen Marine at MetsTrade 2018

RAI Amsterdam | Exhibition Stand 05.543 | 13 – 15 November 2018

How relaxing. A moment away from the hectic world. Leaving your daily routine behind and escaping to the water. Nothing but the soothing sound of water and the aroma of freshly cut grass. For more than 70 years, Creusen marine has been making that dream a reality for your clients. Our experience in direct current (DC) technology has allowed us to create a true Dutch innovation: electric technology that allows your boat to quietly glide through the water. We strive to build a clean, safe and sustainable world.

Our motto: keep innovating for a cleaner environment

Creusen electric engines are developed in Roermond, where our innovators in mechatronics (mechanics, electronics and computer science) are located. Our engineers work daily on possible innovations and mechatronic applications. At Creusen we continually look for ways to develop an even more effective, efficient and durable engine. We are committed to high quality and a better environment. For us and for you.

Our motors are all over

  • Beneath the surface of Den Bosch, boats sail through corridors and tunnels. All this while directly above, the unsuspecting crowd is shopping and running errands. The voice of the tour guide explaining the history of the city is easily heard in the quiet of the tunnels. Our engine technology makes it possible.
  • The Venice of the Netherlands, better known as Giethoorn, offers tours on what we know as ‘whisper boats’ – electric boats propelled by our engines.
  • When in Amsterdam, Ghent, Berlin or Bruges you see canal boats silently going on city tours, you may be certain they are using Creusen engines.