Best Relationships

After all the troubles regarding COVID-19, we wish you successful business and good health on behalf of the entire Creusen 2.0 BV team.

Unfortunately, we are confronted with the "new" reality in the world and we have had to catch up in terms of price indexations from the beginning of 2020. Thank you for the trust placed in us.

In 2021, the prices have been extended from the 2020 price list without any adjustments. Our loyal customers know that in some cases the prices of the machines have not been adjusted for 25 years (DS7150TS for example). Unfortunately, the situation in the market forces us to do so now.

Transport and energy prices are skyrocketing and the rising demand for raw materials and parts that are essential to us are driving this raw material price to unprecedented heights. We have never experienced such a situation of shortages in everything before.

Supply and demand also determine the prices for 2022 in this case and therefore we have no choice but to charge part of this to you as a customer and end user. We count on your understanding for this.

What further complicates matters but also offers opportunities is that we are on the eve of the introduction and innovation of new machines and drive systems, which are included in the various product groups.

Creusen is working on an innovation battle and will continue to guarantee the quality level as you are used to. A-brand Machines and drive systems with a high and reliable service life.

You can count on creusen 2.0 BV to do everything in our power to continue to supply you as well as possible. We strive for a win –win – win situation, optimization, service and flexibility.


Team Creusen 2.0 BV